Patient Account

What is is a cloud-based platform that allows you to securely store and share your medical images with healthcare providers and hospitals online.

Storage of your exam is always free for the first 60 days. No longer worry about losing your CD or mailing it to your referring physician – all you need is your username and password and you can access your study on any web-enabled device at any time for on-the-go viewing convenience.


When can I register?

Patient accounts are now live! Whether you were a RadConnect patient accountholder or new to online image sharing, you can now register here for your account. 


How do I register?

Visit this website and click ‘sign up‘ or receive an email invite from your doctor. For assistance, follow these directions. If you participated in our RadConnect Migration Service, you will receive an email from our team when your account has been created.


How do I access and upload my images?

Once you register for your account, you will be able to:

View any medical images shared to you by your provider

You can then share your images with any physician by entering their email address will send your physician an email with a secure link to view your images

Upload your medical images stored on your computer or from a CD with these steps


Ready to start your medical imaging patient journey with