Nucleus Dx is a full-featured radiology workstation built in JavaScript that runs in any modern web browser. Radiologists can now access exams at blazing fast speeds from anywhere they have an internet connection – without latency slowing them down.

The cloud and web are here

After 20 years in the teleradiology business, we understand the need for speed, accuracy, interoperability and physician satisfaction. That means our systems must be fast and full-featured so our staff of 70+ remote radiologists can work from anywhere while still meeting our clients’ needs. The only way to accomplish what we needed to do (and what the industry should do) was through cloud and web technologies.  

Nucleus Dx delivers:

Diagnostic workstation performance and diagnostic image quality 

Patented adaptive image streaming that finally makes cloud imaging possible 

Significant cost savings:

Designed from the ground up to fully leverage cloud technology

Eliminates the need for caches and routing

Client-side rendering eliminates the need for costly rendering servers

Unlimited scalability, storage and flexibility

Industry leading fintech security based on Vormetric


Take total control

Designed by physicians for physicians

Streamlined workflow and support of advanced features

Pure client-side Multi-Planar Reformat (MPR) capabilities

Workflow driven Hanging Protocols

Ability to display DICOM and non-DICOM data

High performance streaming technology, allowing interactive reading of very large studies

Flexible open source architecture built with the latest standardized technology (HTML5, SVG, ES6)

Built with extensive connectivity in mind, with plug-in APIs for the viewer, and voice recognition applications

Ability to retrieve full patient historical data from connected systems

Compatible with Open Health Imaging Foundation viewer allowing for quick integration with advanced clinical tools and applications from the open source community

Key Benefits


Because it is pure cloud, web-based and zero-footprint, healthcare providers can lower costs

Reduce IT administrative and data center expenses 

Never deploy a new update to the desktop again – software is always up-to-date 


Replace expensive enterprise storage solutions 

Leverage cloud storage technologies to lower costs, increase reliability and provide flexibility 


Boost user satisfaction and expedite patient care 

Radiologists can now work from anywhere, regardless of file size, without loss of image quality or performance 

Seamless EMR driven workflow ensures radiologists have access to the entire clinical context of the patient