As imaging exams continue to grow, the cost to archive in today’s enterprise systems is becoming prohibitively expensive. System performance and end-user satisfaction suffer too. Nucleus iS can help save your organization valuable resources, improve system performance and give your providers instant access to exams at the touch of a button.

Move older exams into the cloud to extend the life and improve performance of your current system

Save money on storage, maintenance and hardware

Improve provider access to imaging exams

Buy your organization some time

Use the benefits of the cloud and internet to expand the limitations of your current VNA or storage system. Not only can it help you control costs and improve performance, it might buy you some time while you establish a longer-term solution.

Take total control

Designed for flexibility and interoperability

With today’s cloud and internet technology, you now have an option for cost-effective, highly secure and unlimited storage of all types of DICOM, Non-DICOM as well as numerous multimedia formats. You choose what to store and when to store it in a highly secured, highly scalable, cost-effective environment.


Compliments any onsite PACS or VNA infrastructure


Integrate Nucleus iS with any PACS/RIS/EHR


Built-in HL7 interface engine and FHIR integration capability


Flexible enterprise imaging workflow design framework

Designed for speed, ease of use, security and…


Fast retrieval of exams from the cloud at any time, anywhere with minimal connection speeds


Up-times can exceed 99%


LRS or GRS storage


Data migration costs



Designed so you can tailor your system to meet your needs and those of your providers

Nucleus iS can be configured to purge data per your schedule, automatically, based on your system’s needs so you can better manage costs. And you can customize your dashboards and data flow to communicate only the relevant information they need.


Automatic scaling as your needs grow


Provide a cost-effective, secure and reliable PACS DR plan


Store and access data from disparate systems


Advanced PHI de-identification of DICOM metadata & pixels for research purposes