Welcome to Nucleus iX – the web-based, HIPAA compliant, secure image exchange system that leverages the cloud, extensive teleradiology expertise, and patented streaming technology, to make ingesting, sharing, and transferring medical images blazingly fast and affordable.

Effortlessly upload clinical images of all types and sizes to a secure cloud infrastructure

Share exam files with physicians, patients and providers with an easy to use web-based application

Connect and collaborate with other professionals and platforms

Fast, simple & secure

Nucleus iX lets your clinicians and your patients quickly and securely upload medical images to our cloud-based platform, where shared access is fast and easy from anywhere at any time.  Nucleus iX virtually eliminates the sharing frustrations and costs associated with CDs, VPNs, enterprise imaging systems and private clouds.

Take total control


Drive referrals, reduce overhead, automate image routing and enhance both patient and clinician satisfaction

Provide secure and instant access to imaging exams from within your walls and beyond. Enable staff and referring caregivers to view and exchange exams and reports in advance, collaboratively develop care plans, eliminate CDs, and reduce duplicate exams and radiation exposure. Because nucleus.io is in the cloud, walls and miles no longer need to separate caregivers, referring physicians and their patients.

Upload images from a variety of internal and external sources… your staff, referring physicians, and even patients

Interface directly with your EMR, PACS, DICOM modalities or external imaging systems via DICOM, DICOMWeb, HL7, and API’s

Highly configurable and flexible cloud infrastructure enables a mix of automated, semi-automated, and direct-managed workflows

Easily share with anyone in and out of your network

Increase throughput

With outside images arriving prior to the patient, staff can anticipate treatment plans, reduce duplicate exams, and minimize radiation exposure.

Easy Collaboration

Review images, from your device, using your web browser and our HTML5 zero-footprint diagnostic viewer. Instantly share images to anyone in the world.

Improve care

Give and receive access to prior images and reports. Import outside images directly to your PACS. Export images to outside facilities directly from your PACS.

Strict compliance

Nucleus iX is fully HIPAA and HITECH compliant.

Consult a peer or request a second opinion on current and prior radiology exams from one convenient location using any web-enabled device

Nucleus iX has multiple sharing options, allowing professionals to collaborate on exams and share exams with patients. For example, with StatShare, users can send a secure email link to colleagues who can then view an exam in their web browser from anywhere without ever needing a Nucleus.io account.

The built-in, high-speed, diagnostic quality viewer enables consultations without the hassles of CDs or latency associated with viewers built on server-side rendering technologies

Eliminate wasted time and frustration waiting for prior images to be pulled or images to arrive by courier

Use private messaging between colleagues (not viewable by patients)