Nucleus PaaS gives software developers a fast, easy, and cost-effective tool to build web applications tailored for medical imaging. We built the necessary, non-differentiating aspects so developers can create, test, manage, automate and update their unique apps. RESTful APIs enable true interoperability, flexibility, and customization.

Infinitely scalable in terms of studies, users and connections

Sub-second response in every user interaction

Fintech/DOD level security infrastructure and processes

Designed to minimize operational costs and enables developers to focus on their high value problems

The Vision

For cloud-hosted DICOM files to be acceptable to end-users, thin-client web-based imaging applications must catch up to desktop performance. Delivering high-resolution, high-bit depth images is a challenge many have tried to resolve. resolves these issues through a proprietary and patented image streaming architecture that offers unmatched performance and sub-second response times – even on slow internet connection speeds – 100% web browser accessible with no software to install… no flash, no java, no .net runtime, etc., etc. …

Who can benefit from Nucleus PaaS

Medical Imaging Ecosystem Who can benefit from Nucleus PaaS? Medical Imaging Ecosystem Providers Medical Device Pharma Payor Clinical SaaS Applications

Medical Imaging Ecosystem

The space where medical images are created and consumed for the purpose of improving patients’ lives. Here are just a few examples of those who play a part in the Ecosystem…

Providers & Patients

Medical Device Companies

Pharma and CROs

Payors and their Networks

Clinical SaaS Applications such as:

PACS & Advanced Visualization Solutions

Imaging Informatics, Machine Learning & AI


Give anytime, anywhere access to diagnostic images through your own apps

Integrate imaging exams into clinical apps used by your physicians and patients

Connect with other clinical systems like your EMR, PACS, RIS and VNA

Easily ingest exams via patient and physician web portals

Medical Device

Improve UX and reduce costs associated with your thick client applications

Integrate DICOM imaging into your Planning and Procedural apps

Provide cloud access to images for custom manufacturing and technical support

Allow client access to treatment outcomes for better physician and patient follow-up


Drive efficiencies and reduce time to market

Expedite image ingestion into research studies

Consolidate images and reports into one cloud location for more efficient access


Reduce waste and improve efficiency

Provide access to all exams to track payment accuracy

Reduce unnecessary repeat scans

Create your own imaging repository for imaging centers

Clinical SaaS Apps

Improve workflow and efficiency

Integrate imaging exams into your application’s workflow (e.g. Patient Navigation, Oncology Management, EMR, Scheduling, etc.)

Provide cloud access to DICOM files through your app

Enhance end-user satisfaction and help to improve patient care

Take total control

Nucleus PaaS connects your medical imaging application to the world 

Web Scale

Web browser accessible, near-infinite scalability, near-zero downtime


Market leading security infrastructure, HIPAA and HITECH compliant, customer specific encryption keys, advanced processes and training


Sub-second response times, Dx workstation performance, reactive user interface

Cost Effective

Designed specifically for the cloud, leverages the public cloud infrastructure, minimizes operational costs

Nucleus PaaS – Cloud agnostic with multiple deployment options

Nucleus PaaS includes all the necessary server infrastructure to host applications and additional services including development tools, analytics, and database management. Using Microsoft Azure as our IaaS today, developers get instant access to computing infrastructure and lets users easily adjust capabilities (e.g., CPU speed, RAM). But we can work with you to deploy on other cloud service providers too.

Single Tenant

Complete isolation from other systems with customizable availability and scalability options


Multi-region high availability and automatic scaling

Custom Dedicated

Deploy directly to your own Microsoft Azure account with full control of the deployed systems


Deploy directly to your cloud or datacenter for maximum control


Nucleus PaaS supports numerous standards-compliant mechanisms for communication with imaging archives.

Proven Standards uses proven standards to interoperate with existing systems – DICOM, DICOMweb, HL7, LDAP, HTTPS


Our LDAP integration allows you to leverage your existing authC and authZ mechanisms


Communication between edge server and cloud is via a secure, fast outbound HTTPS connection – no need to open up firewall ports